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qmeta.net pursues the ideology of sharing knowledge with everyone for free. For this reason, we not only provide an uncensored search engine, support "Freifunk" and are members of the SUMA-EV, but also operate an e-mail service that anyone can use free of charge and without hesitation, for whatever purpose. We believe that all these services should be provided by the state. Because this does not do it, we make it.

We have no interest in your data and do not want to earn money with all services of qmeta.net. We operate all services offered by us out of the ideology mentioned above.

qmetaMAIL is a service known under the synonym "Trashmail", i.e. short-term email addresses whose mailboxes empty themselves after a certain period of time (1 day). The functionality of a temporary email mailbox is similar to that of a conventional, permanent address. This means that e-mails can be received, read and printed out without fear of a spam wave.

The facts at a glance: - Received e-mails are automatically deleted after 24 hours from receipt in the inbox. - Virus protection: The content of e-mails is protected by our CORS policy. - E-mail addresses may only consist of letters and numbers. We recommend a minimum length of 10 characters.